Cannabis Innovation

Building cannabis focused brands for the California lifestyle.


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What We Do

TransCanna™ is developing a revolutionary closed-loop ecosystem for consistent, reliable and scalable cannabis production.  The company owns one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis facilities in California with access to over 39 million residents and 240 million visitors per year. 


The TransCanna Difference

For years, California dispensaries have been demanding fresh, high-quality cannabis. Until now, nobody has been able to supply what they need. Supplying California’s vast geographic area while navigating its state regulations has proven a barrier for out of state companies. TransCanna aims to change that.



  1. Control - Complete control over all aspects
    from seed to sale.
  2. Greater Margins - Cost savings from vertical Integration.
  3. Quality/Consistency - Cost savings from vertical integration.
  4. Reliability - Defy industry norms by meeting all deadlines and milestones.

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4 Pillars to Scale
our Brands

  1. Seasoned management team.
  2. 196,000 sq. ft. production & manufacturing facility in central California.
  3. Acquisition strategy focusing on brands and talent.
  4. Agressive fiscal plan backed by access to capital markets...

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